Healthcare Industry

When quality care, cost conservation, and staff well-being are what matter most, count on an RTLS
healthcare solution from AiRISTA Flow.
For hospitals, doctor offices, emergency rooms, nursing homes, and multi-building medical campuses, delivering high-quality care efficiently is a top priority. This includes improving business processes, enhancing resource utilization, and keeping patients and staff safe. Achieve all of your organization’s goals with the help of Real-Time Location System (RTLS) technology to gain full visibility into the location, status, and movement of equipment and people across your healthcare facility.
The AiRISTA Flow RTLS solution creates rich location information that becomes an essential piece of your healthcare organization’s technology infrastructure and long-term business plan. Our Wi-Fi-based SaaS solution and accompanying hardware allow you to track a variety of medical equipment and assets as well as manage the status, health, and safety of patients and staff without disrupting everyday care efforts.

Achieve complete visibility at your healthcare facility with the help of AiRISTA Flow.

AiRISTA Flow RTLS Solutions

  • A real-time view of patients and staff for flow management
  • A hospital asset tracking solution for efficient use of medical equipment
  • A temperature monitoring system for sensitive stored contents
  • A patient elopement prevention solution
  • A method of maintaining hygiene and staying compliant
  • A solution for both on-premises and cloud deployment

Options for Every Budget and Facility

AiRISTA Flow offers an RTLS solution for your healthcare facility that meets all of your specific needs and requirements. Learn more about our pricing and packages by getting in touch with a member of our team today.