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Actionable Insights
  • Process flow optimization across departments
  • Utilization efficiency for capital intensive assets
  • Responsive coordination to staff duress
Enterprise Solutions
  • End-to-end solution control from sensor to the cloud
  • Enterprise scale to deliver insight across organizations
  • Integrate with an IoT world of things and applications
Trusted RTLS experts
  • Drive business value from RTLS investments
  • Measurable outcomes through KPIs, ROI, MBOs

Software Platform for an Internet-of-Things World


  • Flexible Process & Workflow Engine
  • Customizable Event & Alerting Rules
  • Reports & Analytics Dashboards
  • Multi-tiered Data Repository
  • Artificial Intelligence Capable, Machine Learning Ready
  • Broker Architecture For Stream Oriented Computing
  • Premises & Cloud Delivery Models

Enterprise Grade RTLS Solutions

Personnel Safety
  • Protect vulnerable staff from attacks with 2-way communicating tags
  • Detect man-down situations for workers in dangerous areas
  • Directed response with escalations, mustering rules, and integration with cameras and locks
Asset Tracking
  • Reduce search time for equipment and WIP required to maintain operations
  • Increase asset utilization and reduce unnecessary over-procurement
  • Real time view of inventory and maintain PAR level protocols
Condition Monitoring
  • Replace paper based systems with automated wireless temperature monitoring
  • Reduce waste and spoilage with temperature alerts and ensure FIFO policy
  • Alert when equipment moves or experiences a shock or jolt
Process & Workflow Management
  • Monitor the movement of people and patients in real time and alert to bottlenecks
  • Historic analysis provides insights to better processes and increased efficiency
  • Replace manual tracking of production with wireless identification across production